Why Advertise With Us?

We have a coordinated strategy with a two-prong approach

Two Websites for the price of one

Our unique approach is to combine two websites to maximize the number of visitors to our businesses. Both websites are targeted toward Summit County visitors.

The first site is a traditional website using Search Engine Optimization to capture customers searching for information on Summit County.

Our mobile website uses a new approach to target customers once they set foot in the county.

Colorado Travel Master

Colorado Travel Master

We have a traditional website, ColoradoTravelMaster, that uses a proven strategy of optimizing search results to attract online visitors as they are planning their trip to Summit County.

Colorado Travel Master is targeted exclusively toward visitors seeking local advice for things to do on their trip to Summit County. Our site features the best activities and the best local businesses.

It is a trusted site with repeat customers. See our testimonials!!!

Our site has traffic! We have been in business since 2010 and in the winter season, we get between 3000 and 4000 visitors per month.

SCAN - Summit County Activity Network

Summit County Activity Network

The Summit County Activity Network is targeted toward Smartphone users and foot traffic once the customers are in Summit County. This is a new idea using signs placed around the county with QR codes that, when scanned, take the customer directly to the mobile website. Find out more about SCAN and how it can help you to increase your bottom line.

How Do I Sign Up?

Your Summit County activities, services, and things to do can be included in this cutting-edge mobile marketing campaign for a low monthly fee.

Rates are $240/year, equivalent to $20/month.

Your company can be listed in multiple categories, as appropriate. Say you rent gear and sell discount lift tickets. Your company could be shown on both pages.

Download the Advertising Agreement and sign up today!

If you have questions or want more details on the Summit County Activity Network, call (970)368-4221

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